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Learn The Most Valuable Drawing Skills Through International Art Training Methods

Become A Professional, Which Has Made 1000+ Professional Artists.

Step by step proven methods Guarantees Growth & Success as a Professional Artist or we refund the fees With No Question Asked Policy



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Drawing Mastery Students Improvement

What You'll learn In This Training?

Who Is This Training For?


Art Teacher

Art Influencer


Fashion Designer

Graphic Designer

Interior Designer

Architectural Drafter


Tattoo Artist

Art Director

Bad Drawing = Bad Painting = No Growth

One thing that is common in every Amazing Artist in the World is GREAT DRAWING SKILLS. No matter how good someone is in Painting or adding details, if Drawing is not strong, the artwork will look BAD.

In International Art training, classical drawing lessons are given step by step to strengthen the foundation of the students before moving on to any medium. The best part is you will learn everything without spending lakhs of rupees.

Why Should You Learn Drawing Skills?

Still Wondering If This Training Will Help You?

Check All The Boxes That Applies To You

I don't have Step By Step Guide To Learn Drawing and Grow Professionally

I am Wasting Time By Not Doing The right Practices Under Someone's Guidance

I Feel Shame To Show My Artworks To Anyone

I Am unsure Whether Art field have good future or not

People Give Me Taunt and Demotivate When I Say, I Want To Become An Artist

I Am not able to find and rectify my mistakes

Not able to judge and Draw real-life objects

Not able to draw difficult subjects like portrait and Figure accurately

Facing difficulties in Free Hand Drawing and not Sure How to Fix That

Depending upon the GRIDS for difficult subject matter

No knowledge about various techniques and Art Principles

Confused about what material to use, how to use, when to use

Not able to achieve the quality that you want to achieve

Failing again and again even after a lot of practice

If You’ve Checked One Or More Than One Boxes Above, Then My Friend You’re

Welcome To The Drawing Mastery Training,

This Training Is Exactly For You, To Help You Improve Your Skills & Become A Professional Artist

Presenting India's Most Recommended, Comprehensive and Affordable Program to Learn Drawing From Scratch to Advance Step-by-Step Guidance With Practical Implementation Exercises


Your Investment vs Value


Fast Action Bonuses For Fast Action Takers Who Enroll Till July 18, 2024

Bonus 1: Miniature Art Masterclass (Worth ₹15000)

Miniature Masterclass Demonstration on Portrait Drawing by a Professional Miniature Artist. Which worth (₹15,000/-). If you enroll Today you can get this training for absolutely FREE.

Bonus 2: 6 Live QnA Sessions Recordings (Worth ₹2500)

There has been various questions asked live directly by Drawing Mastery students which covers almost all the doubts that you may have related to art fields. You'll get the complete access to 6 live QnA recordings.

BONUS 3: Understanding Colors for Artists (Worth ₹1499)

Complete one-hour training on understanding colors. Understanding the concepts of the color wheel. Hue, chroma, value, color temperature. Absolutely FREE

BONUS 4: Artist's Productivity (Worth ₹1499)

A complete chapter on increasing productivity as an Artist. Setting up the right environment both online and offline. Having the right mindset to grow as an Artist. This chapter covers the mental aspect which will help you grow much much faster. Absolutely FREE. More than 2 hours of training

BONUS 5: Facebook Community (Worth ₹10,000)

You will get the private access to Facebook community where you can ask your doubts anytime, get feedbacks from me and other members and also get the opportunities with people to create more opportunities.

BONUS 6: Art Business Opportunity Masterclass (Worth ₹2500)

This is an exclusive live conducted masterclass with Drawing Mastery Students, in which you'll learn how to create opportunities for yourself as an artist, choose the right profession that suits that helps you monetize your art and make yourself able to earn handsome amount of money.

Total Value - ₹68,997/-

Regular Fee - ₹11,900

Regular Fee - 5970

(Covered with 15 Days Moneyback Policy)

Only Few Enrollments Are Available

Amazing Success Stories Of Drawing Mastery Students

If You Enroll Today You Can Also Get Bonuses (Worth ₹68,997)

Look at the Feedback of a Few More Students

Meet Your Teacher

Reyanshh Rahul, hailing from Chhattisgarh, India, is a skilled professional artist. He is the founder of Arena Art Academy in Raigarh, where he has been imparting art education to enthusiasts for over six years.

Over the past two years, Reyanshh has successfully completed more than 200 private commissions across the globe, spanning countries such as India, the United States, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, Switzerland, and England.

His talent and dedication have earned him numerous accolades at both the state and national levels. Notably, he received recognition from esteemed artist Ram V. Sutar, the creator of the Statue of Unity.

One of Reyanshh’s notable achievements includes creating a commissioned painting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Reyanshh has actively participated in various group art exhibitions and workshops nationwide. He frequently conducts live painting demonstrations in esteemed art galleries to engage and inspire fellow artists.

His ultimate goal is to empower individuals with a passion for fine arts.

More than 250K Subscribers Family on Youtube

Reyanshh Rahul has received many award and appreciation and has been able to meet with the top artists because of his drawing skills

Padmashri, Padmabhushan, Creator of Statue of Unity. Artist Ram V. Sutar

Eminent Artist Prithvi Soni

Eminent Artists

Senior Artist Harpal Singh chauhan

Eminent Artist late. Razi khan

Eminent Artist Madhavi Joshi

With current CM (2021) of Chhattisgarh- Bhupesh Baghel

Eminent Artist Bijay Biswaal ( Indian Brand Ambassador of Winsor & Newton)

With Amazing Artists, At a National Art Exhibition

Eminent Artist M. Narayan

Eminent Artist Vinit Kumar

Eminent Artist Sanjay Chakraborty

Eminent Artist Amit Srivastava

At National Art exhibition

At National Art exhibition


What if the chapters are not worth it?

Ans- Every single student of DRAWING MASTERY loved it for its detailed knowledge at lowest price BUT for your satisfaction we are also giving 15 DAYS REFUND POLICY. Just whatsApp at 6260174231 and 100% money will be refunded.

I want to become an art teacher in future, how will this training help me?

Ans - This training will help you make your art fundamentals stronger and increase your value as an art teacher and strategies to get students online & offline.

I am already an art teacher, how will this training help me?

Ans - Drawing Mastery will help you strengthen your art skills and boost confidence, increase your value. So that you can attract quality students online & offline and become a successful art teacher.

I have enrolled in many courses in the past but no course helped me, how DRAWING MASTERY Training will help me?

Ans - In Drawing Mastery, you will get the task which you have to complete daily. Also, various techniques are shared which will help you to see the growth within a very small period. And when you will start seeing the growth, your confidence and urge to put more efforts will automatically be increased.

I want to earn money as an artist?

Ans - This training will help you strengthen your art fundamentals, improve your drawing skills. Also provides an opportunity to connect with 4000+ artists and create your personal brand. So that you can create more business opprtunities as an artist and earn money.

Can I take commission art after completing this training?

Ans - Yes, this training will prepare you and make confident for taking commission artwork. In fact many of drawing mastery students are already doing commission artwork.

How long will I have access to the training?

Ans - 1 Year

Can I download the chapters to watch in offline mode?

Ans- YES, You can download some of the chapters and watch the lessons anytime, anywhere offline. However bonuses and initial 3 chapters are not downloadable.

I am a housewife/ in another profession so is this Training suitable for me?

Ans- YES, the best part is you are getting complete 1 year access + partially downloadable lessons, so you watch as per your schedule. In fact we already have many housewife and working professionals and they are doing really well inside our community.

Do I need to pay more money inside the training? Or any other hidden charges?

Ans- NO

Is there lessons on watercolour, oil or any medium?

Ans- This training doesn't have watercolour, oil or other medium because this training focus more on developing art fundamental skills and classical approach. Once your base will be stablished you'll be able to learn other mediums in less time.

There are so many other courses cheaper than DRAWING MASTERY Training. So why I will go with Drawing Mastery?

Ans- Our goal is to provide the best quality of Drawing Training. Institute charge Lakhs of rupees for the same training which is provided inside the DRAWING MASTERY.

Is it in Hindi? English subtitles available?

Ans- YES, complete training is in HINDI, Currently, English subtitles are NOT AVAILABLE.

How much time it will take to complete the training?

Ans- The training lessons are from a beginner to advance level. At least it's a one year training. Its like a complete ART SCHOOL in itself. Completion time also depends upon how much time you give on daily basis.

Can I enroll now, and start watching in future because my schedule is busy?

Ans- YES

I want to be a professional Artist. So is this training for me or not?

Ans- 100% YES. This training covers drawing lessons from a beginner to a really advanced level.

Will I get the certficate after completion of this training?

Ans - NO, only skills matter in the field of art in order to grow and work as a professional artist. In our Drawing Mastery community artist have already realized the imporance of skills and doing really well without any certificates.

Is this training for small kids, like students of class 2, 3...5..6?

Ans- No, but if any elder person can be there to guide them and help them to understand just like you help them with homework. Then it might work depending on your understanding and effort.

Who should join this training?

Ans- Anyone who wants to grow their drawing skills, professionally or as a hobbyist.

Can I Pay with Google Pay or Phone Pay Directly?

Ans- YES, please contact on Whatsapp at 6260174231

I am from outside India, how can I join this training?

Ans- YES, please contact on Whatsapp at 6260174231

Do You Still Have Any Doubt?

No Worries, Please Contact on Whatsapp at 6260174231

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